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More laptops for remote learning to Ukrainian children

19 October 2023

Ukraine Friends teams up with Siena College to provide more laptops for remote learning to Ukrainian children 💻🇺🇦

A dearth of laptops in Ukraine means that many students are keeping up with their lessons on a parent’s smartphone, if at all. To address this need, the Siena community is spearheading a used laptop drive for Ukrainian students.

🙌 We are thankful to Dmitry Burshteyn, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology, and Jami L. Cotler, Ph.D., associate professor of computer science, for developing this initiative in Siena and also pushing it around academic and business communities to allocate even more resources for Ukrainian students.

Siena’s ITS department starts the drive by committing to donate used laptops from a recent lab replacement, wiped to their original settings.
Also, we are excited for the upcoming mentorship opportunity for Ukrainian students. Siena’s students will kick off by sharing their expertise in cybersecurity while learning from their Ukrainian peers about resilience and studying in the conditions of war.

This collaboration with the U.S. academic community showcases kindness and innovation as a response to the global challenges, and we are excited to develop this partnership!