Ukraine Friends was founded with the singular focus to stop the suffering of free people under military siege and whose freedom, liberty and way of life was under threat of extinction.

Fast, effective help is needed now

Our Founders have more than 100 years of combined experience in supply chain management, logistics and sourcing, delivering humanitarian assistance and development through strategic process. Each member of the Ukraine Friends team possesses a passion for helping those in need and have spent countless hours giving back to their communities. When the war broke out in February 2022, the founders were compelled to help. Utilizing their expertise and extensive networks, they brought together a collective of people from varied backgrounds who chose to stand together to ensure the rapid and critically needed response of humanitarian aid to many of the most vulnerable and innocent people of Ukraine.

“What makes Ukraine Friends unique is that all the founders are successful entrepreneurs with deep roots in Ukraine. We understand the importance of efficiently running an organization, and in this case the measurable result is social impact.”

Ukraine Friends Co-founder
Michael Sinensky

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