Ukraine Friends delivers critical help in Ukraine by providing different types of humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine as their needs evolve.

Ukraine Friends was founded to first focus on
saving lives and alleviating suffering. Quickly, it has
established itself as a signficant private initiative
in Ukraine with diverse objectives and effective
programs to meet present and future challenges
ahead. From evacuation to reconstruction, Ukraine
Friends is prepared for the long road ahead.

IFAK Distribution

IFAKs, individual first aid kits, are one of the most needed items and are essential to saving lives. The kits contain up to 18 components and can save over 90% of the field casualties that occur on the front lines. Specifically, it provides interventions for two of the leading causes of death on the battlefield — severe hemorrhage and inadequate air supply.

Ambulance Delivery

The medical infrastructure in Ukraine has been significantly damaged due to the continuous and targeted attacks on healthcare and access to critically needed aid has been severely impacted. Ambulances have and continue to be a focus of this aggression. This program provides first-hand support to the medical professionals and field staff that are in dire need of assistance.

“The Ukraine Friends team has through our time on the ground in Ukraine seen an incredible tragedy unfolding. We must protect and help the people of Ukraine. They need substantial aid to both cope with the war and the eventual reconstruction.”

Ukraine Friends Chief Executive Officer
Joe Sullivan

Comfort for Displaced Children

Ukraine’s youngest generation is suffering the most. Ripped away from their homes, their neighbors and loved ones, this war is creating a generation of children who need all of the love and support we can give. Responding to needs as they evolve, Ukraine Friends has created the following programs with children in mind:

Hygeine & Travel Kits

Often lacking even the most basic supplies, we pack hygiene and travel kits for children and their families. These kits can include dental kits, juice, candy, stickers, notepads, crayons and play-doh.

Toy Distribution & Drives

Whenever we have feet on the ground, whether its our Founders, staff or our generous donors, we always make sure to have toys on hand to deliver. Whether its a soccer ball, doll or puzzle, toys allow these children to be children.

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