The Ukraine Friends Refugee Programs are focused
on helping as many refugees as possible, as quickly as possible.
Millions displaced, often leaving their homes with only one bag
and the clothes on their back, the refugee crisis in Ukraine and
surrounding countries is having and will continue to have
unprecedented consequences.

Programs with stability & safety priorities

Refugee Evacuation
Working with our on-the-ground partners, the Refugee Evacuation program
assists those needing to flee war-torn Ukraine. Mostly elderly, children, and
the sick, there are 7-11 Ukraine Friends evacuation buses daily, transporting
these refugees to safe territories in Poland and surrounding nations.

Refugee Temporary Housing
Through a partnership with AirBnB, Ukraine Friends Refugee Temporary
Housing program is focused on getting families short-term, safe housing. Uti-
lizing a housing voucher, Ukraine Friends assists in getting these refugees to
an environment where they can begin to put their lives back together.

To donate to help Ukraine Friends help the people
of Ukraine in crisis, click here.